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Dokteronline.com does not sell (prescription) medicines. At your request, we can - in your name and on your behalf - arrange a consultation with an independent doctor for you, possibly in combination with the prescribing of treatment which is then sold and delivered by an independent pharmacy.

Before such a consultation, you must first complete a medical questionnaire and select your preferred treatment. A doctor will evaluate your answers and may decide to write a prescription. We will then send the prescription to a pharmacy that will send you the medicine.


Hemorrhoids are long-shaped, swollen blood vessels found inside the anus or protruding from the anus. Straining on the toilet can increase the pressure on these blood vessels, causing them to swell. Other causes are bad circulation and weakening of the connective tissue in the rectum. Hereditary factors are believed to play a large role. Pregnant women are also more prone to hemorrhoids.

Complaints from hemorrhoids include itching, rectal bleeding with a bowel movement, irritation and pain. In some cases, blood stagnates in the anus and forms a clot (thrombus). This can be very painful. A fiber-rich diet and drinking a lot of water can help relieve the symptoms. Treatment is advisable if the hemorrhoids do not go away.

In serious cases, surgery may be needed. Hemorrhoids ointment can be used for itching and pain relief. There are also suppositories available that you can use. A laxative may help with constipation or hard stools. See below to order hemorrhoids ointment privately and at a reasonable price at Dokteronline.com.

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