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Halloween and your Health
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Halloween and your Health

How to Have a Healthy Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve, otherwise known as Halloween, is a fun time which brings a bit of sparkle to the middle of autumn. At this time of year, it is great fun to dress up, host a party or even indulge in a bit of trick-or-treating with the kids. However, it is also a good time to reflect on your health and that of those around you because Halloween means that soon winter will be on its way with all of the health implications that season has to offer.

This Halloween – consider what you can do to make sure you are fully prepared for the Winter months to come.

Flu Protection

Halloween marks the approximate midway point between summer and winter. As such, it is the point in the calendar year when healthcare providers start to roll out their influenza vaccination programmes. Flu vaccines are nothing new and are put in place to help the most vulnerable in society to protect themselves from this viral disease.

In fact, flu mutates every year which means that any vaccination that you had last autumn will only protect you from last year’s mutation variant, known as a strain.

Flu Vaccination

In order to make sure that you are protected from the flu strains that scientists think will be the most likely to cause an epidemic, it is important to have your flu vaccination updated. Halloween marks the right time to do this, so use the celebration as an aide mémoire to turn obtaining a new strain vaccination into an annual ritual. Once you have made getting protection from flu a habit, you are more likely to remain in good health for years to come.

Anyone who is aged between two and seventeen should be eligible for a flu vaccination programme. For youngsters, the vaccination is delivered in the form of a nasal spray but it still provides protection from multiple strains of the disease.


Some children who are younger than two and in certain high-risk groups should also obtain a vaccine before winter sets in.


As for adults, most people of retirement age ought to have one. Anyone who has a long-term condition that impacts their general health should consider the merits of a vaccine, too. Finally, pregnant women are usually recommended to them.

Get More Exercise

With the nights drawing in, you may become less active than you were in the summer. Halloween is a great way of promoting a bit of a healthier lifestyle by getting you out and about. If you are taking the kids trick-or-treating, for example, then walk around your neighbourhood rather than getting in and out of the car. Exercise is known to also lower the risk of heart disease and better mental health.

If you are holding a Halloween party, then why not incorporate some physical games that will add a bit of exercise to the fun?

Consider Your Drink Intake

For some people, enjoying Halloween goes hand in hand with alcohol consumption. Even if you are not planning to overdo it, a Halloween party will normally involve some alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, of course, you might be drinking a spooky punch that has been made from ingredients that you have no idea about. As such, keep these sorts of drinks to a minimum and enjoy your alcohol responsibly by having a soft drink after every alcoholic one you consume.

Sugar Consumption

Although Halloween might be great fun, there can be little doubt that it is also a time of overeating, especially when it comes to sweets. Sweet manufacturers make all sorts of Halloween-themed products at this time of year, sometimes so they can be shared at parties or offered up as treats when youngsters come calling.

Try to avoid getting whipped up in the hype that goes with Halloween and sweetie consumption. Yes, a sweet or two is no bad thing for most kids and adults, alike. However, there’s just no need to stuff yourself with the sugars they contain.


If you are looking for alternatives to sugary sweets, then consider fruit, carrot sticks or sugar-free chewing gum instead. Other choices you could make include snack-sized packets of pretzels, sugar-free biscuits or even pumpkin seeds – the last one being a good seasonal choice. Make sure to get the right vitamins your body needs this autumn.

Enjoy your Halloween! Everyone at Doktoronline wishes you a happy and healthy one.


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