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Health of a Nation and Wellness for 2018
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Health of a Nation and Wellness for 2018

The Health of a Nation

As 2017 comes to an end, it is time to reflect on the health of the country as a whole. What are the challenges for the nation’s healthcare providers and what positive breakthroughs have been made that may end up helping us all?

What should we be thinking about as the New Year comes to pass and what are the key changes to know about? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and many more.

How Is The UK’s Health Doing?

According to an NHS survey undertaken this year, almost fifty percent of the UK’s population are taking positive steps to reduce their weight. Although this does not mean that half the country is overweight, it does lend itself to the idea that the government’s messages surrounding healthier lifestyles are making headway. Almost a third of the survey’s respondents go to the gym or take another form of exercise to control their weight.

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Smoking Ban 10 years on

In other good news, the NHS survey revealed that fewer people are stopping smoking nowadays. Smokers used to make up around a quarter of all adults in 2000. It is nearly ten years since the smoking ban was introduced to the UK. These days, only 1  in 5 of us admit to smoking.

Bans on public smoking and a greater knowledge of the health dangers of smoking are primary reasons for this trend. In Europe, only Sweden fares better and the UK is way ahead of nations like Germany, France and Italy.

Married women with children have benefited the most from the UK public smoking ban according to Lancaster University researchers in the UK.

Plenty has been made of the NHS’ ability to deliver on mental health services in the same sort of manner that it conducts other healthcare, not least in the political sphere. However, in a survey undertaken by the Quality Care Commission (QCC), around two-thirds of people questioned about the mental health care they had received were positive about it. One area that was identified by QCC as being ripe for improvement, however, was so-called crisis care.

New Year Health Trends Predictions for 2018

Among the significant breakthroughs in medical science in 2017 were therapies that were discovered in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s and AIDS. Research into oxygen therapy, for example, was found to be beneficial to people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. It is thought, therefore, that subject to clinical trials more and more people with this debilitating condition will be able to be treated for it over the course of the coming year.



Elsewhere, many are predicting that the march of Veganism is going to continue unabated throughout the course of 2018. Perhaps this is because we know that vegans have grown in number steadily for the last ten years or so, rising almost fourfold in that time. The trend is most pronounced among young adults, so a niche group trend could end up being completely mainstream in a few years time.


Air Pollution

At the start of the year, one report called for protection young children in buggies from the air pollution, largely due to their proximity to the fumes let out from vehicles. Air quality issues containing fine dust, pollution, and smoke continue to pose a challenge for the elected officials in cities like London, Glasgow and Manchester. Traditionally UV-protection products help you protect your skin against external elements always protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

What are the side effects of Air Pollution on a person’s skin?

Air pollution may cause your skin to become dull, dry and your pores may become clogged.  Others may experience Allergic reactions and this may lead to premature ageing of the skin and cause wrinkles.

Although take might have been slow in the UK thus far, some city dwellers are already turning to cosmetic skin care products and anti ageing products which are marketed as offering protection against airborne pollutants in order to protect your Skin from pollution

The NHS in 2017 Changes – What You Need to Know?

As the NHS enters its seventieth year of looking after the country’s medical needs, it has undergone many changes. Some of these came about in 2017, such as the fact that life expectancy rises at an astonishing rate now. Every day that passes, an individual’s life expectancy rises by five hours, on average. Although some are concerned about staffing levels in the NHS, numbers have continued to grow.

However, since staff are required to look after an ageing population so more is expected of them. A key statistic to take on board from 2017 is that 69 percent of the British public state that they get good health care. This is compared to 57 percent in France and 59 percent in Germany, with other comparable nations faring less well than them. The Nhs will also fade out a number of products that are normally available.

What Does Brexit Mean For Health Matters When Abroad?

If you are travelling to a European Union country in 2018, then you won’t have to fear. Although private healthcare insurance makes sense when going on holiday, all the same, healthcare arrangements remain in place until the UK’s exit actually occurs in 2019. Even then, many commentators expect some form of reciprocal deal between the UK and it’s former EU partners that will cover healthcare arrangements.

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Levels of Obesity in the UK

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the UK is the leading Western European country for levels of obesity. In news that can hardly be welcomed by British healthcare providers and the authorities that run them, the OECD’s yearly ‘Health at a Glance Report’ stated that almost 30 percent of the country’s population had a body mass index of 30 and above, the figure that constitutes the official definition of when a person is obese.

Despite widespread public information campaigns by the government in recent years, the OECD found that numbers of obese people had risen in the country by almost doubled since the 1990s. Groups like the National Obesity Forum said that the OECD’s findings were unwelcome news and that the country was potentially “sleepwalking” into an epidemic unless something is done.


Alcohol Consumption

Of course, one of the reasons that obesity is such an issue in the UK is the level of Alcohol consumption that goes on. Drinking has long been a part of the country’s culture, but stronger and stronger booze, as well as more sugar in drinks, seems to have become a part of it with the country consuming more alcohol than in other EU countries. Understandably, this has led to expanding waistlines among many drinkers.

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Sugar-Free Trend prediction for 2018

In the 2017 Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced an increased tax on some sugary drinks, like cheap white cider. Furthermore, the Scottish government won its legal case to bring in minimum pricing on alcoholic products. Another prediction for 2018 is that many people will go sugar-free

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Keeping On Track With Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year means making resolutions and the trouble for many is that their resolve only lasts a few weeks, barely making it into February. The key to a successful resolution is to make a genuine plan that you can stick to. Targets on the way are a good idea for keeping you motivated and on track. A general wish to Lose Weight, for example, will probably end in failure. Set a goal for how much you’ll lose and by when instead. Take up exercise with a friend so that you are accountable to one another for turning up to all sessions. It helps you both to stay on the right path longer!

Although there have been plenty of ups and downs in 2017, it is fair to say that there is plenty of positive news to focus on. Healthcare may be something we shouldn’t be complacent about but neither should we run it down as entirely negative.

In 2018, just like any other year, we can be masters of our own destinies and make the healthier choices in our lifestyles, thereby helping to avoid the need for medical interventions in the first place., NHS,, Forbes, Art of Healthy Living, Lancaster University

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