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How do you achieve an ideal body weight?

How to lose those lockdown pounds

Staying at home for prolonged periods of time, working from home and the closing of gyms and sports clubs have made it increasingly challenging to remain physically active. It may have also been more difficult to feel motivated to eat healthily. If you’ve gained unwanted pounds during the pandemic due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. Read how here.

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Getting started and the last weeks are the hardest

Pants that don’t fit, a blouse that’s too tight… Even though you may have a healthy BMI score, it’s possible that you still don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. The good news is that the difference between being comfortable in your skin and not feeling good about your weight is only a few pounds. Achieving your ideal weight is within your reach if you take the right steps. Getting started and the last weeks are always the hardest. You too can do it. Read more here…

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Health problems associated with being (very) overweight

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Or gallstones, back and joint problems, high cholesterol or respiratory problems? It may well be that being overweight is the cause of your troubles. Have you tried every diet known to man and still can’t reach or maintain a healthy weight? Read what other options are available for overweight or obese adults here.

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What is Fit2021? By joining Fit2021, you sign up for a short-term e-mail programme geared towards weight management. You will receive valuable tips and useful advice from The programme expires automatically once the final date has been reached.

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Losing weight – overweight

Obesity is caused by excessive energy intake and low energy expenditure? As a result, fat is stored in the body. In the long term, this can lead to…

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Giving up

Cigarette smoking affects metabolism? Smoking increases a person’s metabolic rate due to the effects of nicotine. When you…

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Cutting back on drinking alcohol

The calories in one pint of beer are equivalent to two slices of bread? Many people don’t realise that alcohol is high in calories and therefore…

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