Macrobid or Nitrofurantoin is a medication that belongs to the class of drugs known as antibiotics or antimicrobials. These drugs are designed to work on infections in the human body by killing bacteria. More information

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Nitrofurantoin is a form of prescription medication available as an oral capsule or oral suspension liquid. This substance can be sold under multiple brand names, including Macrobid and Macrodantin. Nitrofurantoin is also available in its generic form.  Macrobid is an antibiotic treatment for various forms of infection, including urinary tract infections.  

What is Macrobid? 

Macrobid or Nitrofurantoin is a medication that belongs to the class of drugs known as antibiotics or antimicrobials. These drugs are designed to work on infections in the human body by killing bacteria. Macrobid is specifically used to kill the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. It will only work against certain forms of bacteria in the body, which is why your doctor will need to conduct tests to make sure that Macrobid is an appropriate treatment for you.  

When Nitrofurantoin is prescribed it will often be for cystitis and other infections of the urinary tract. The active substance helps to rapidly get rid of infection. The medication is rapidly excreted by the kidneys which means that it is useful for the controlling of urinary tract infections. Some doctors will give this drug to prevent infections too.  

When is Macrobid used? 

This medication is designed to support people who suffer from urinary tract infections. In one form, Macrobid can be used to remove the bacteria within the body that is causing a urinary tract infection and stop it from getting any worse. This will only happen if your doctor has made sure that the bacteria causing your infection is susceptible to Macrobid. Additionally, Macrobid can be used as a form of treatment to prevent against infections for people who suffer from recurring urinary issues. Macrobid cannot be used by children less than one month old.  

How do you use Macrobid? 

Macrobid is a medication that is taken by mouth. You can take it with milk or food according to the instructions provided by your doctor. Usually, for the treatment of an infection, you will be asked to take Macrobid four times a day, or once daily at bedtime if you want to prevent infections from occurring. The medication should be swallowed whole, and it's important to avoid certain medications when taking this drug.  

For the best impact, antibiotics like Macrobid need to be taken at evenly spaced intervals throughout the day. Often, it's easier for people to take Macrobid on time if they take it at the same time each day throughout the course of their treatment. If you are taking the drug to prevent infection, then it will need to be taken according to the precise instructions of your doctor. Do not skip doses or stop taking your treatment without approval from your doctor.  

If you suffer from the symptoms of a urinary infection when taking Macrobid to prevent infections, speak to your doctor as you may need a different form of treatment. If you are taking Macrobid to treat a current infection, make sure that you take the full dose prescribed even if your symptoms start disappearing within a couple of days. If you stop taking this medication too quickly, the bacteria can continue to grow, causing a relapse.  

What dosages are available? 

Macrobid is an antibacterial agent that contains 100mg of nitrofurantoin in most cases. Your doctor will prescribe the right dose and the duration for your treatment based on your condition and response to treatment. When you are taking Macrobid to prevent against an infection, the usual dose is one tablet of 100mg per night.  

However, if you are taking Macrobid to treat an infection, the dose for people over the age of 12 will be 100mg twice a day for 7 days, or 50mg four times a day for 7 days. Some doctors will also prescribe shorter durations of medication. If you miss a dose of Macrobid, try to take it as soon as you remember, but do not double up on a dose to make up for a missed tablet.  If you are concerned that you have taken an overdose of Macrobid contact the medical emergency team in your area as quickly as possible.  

What are the side effects of Macrobid? 

Like many other medications, Macrobid and other drugs containing nitrofurantoin can cause side effects and symptoms as a result of the medication changing the conditions of your body. Some people feel drowsy when taking this drug, and others will not experience any side effects at all.  

Common side effects of Macrobid include vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, stomach pain, numbness in the feet and hands or pain in the same extremities, dizziness or weakness. Some people will also suffer from more headaches when they're taking Macrobid. If the side effects that you experience are relatively mild, they may simply go away by themselves within a few days or weeks of you taking this medication - depending on the nature of your treatment. 

If your side effects persist or worsen, speak to a doctor or your pharmacist. Macrobid can also be the cause of some more serious side effects in certain cases. If you believe that the side effects you are experiencing are life threatening, go to a hospital or contact the emergency medical professionals immediately. Some more serious side effects include lung inflammation which leads to shortness of breath, tiredness, coughing, chills, chest pain, and fever.  Macrobid may also cause liver problems which present with symptoms like itching, nausea, dark urine, loss of appetite and yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes. Nerve damage may present in the form of numbness or tingling in your extremities or muscle weakness.  

Macrobid can also lead to red blood cell damage, which causes symptoms like tiredness, pale skin, weakness and more. Contact your doctor if you notice any of these side effects, or if you're worried about symptoms that aren't mentioned here.  

When shouldn't you use Macrobid? 

Certain people will not be suitable to take Macrobid. Make sure you tell your doctor before using this medication if you have any allergies, including an allergy to nitrofurantoin. The product can contain inactive ingredients that lead to allergic reactions too. This medication should not be used if you have severe kidney disease, or genetic conditions that cause little or no urine output. If you have a history of liver problems, or the condition glucose-6-phosphate deficiency, tell your doctor.  

It is important to talk to your doctor about your medical history in full before using Macrobid. If you have any history of blood disorders like anemia it may be dangerous to take Macrobid. This medicine should not be used if you have liver or kidney problems, or lung disease. Additionally, avoid this drug if you have ever had nerve conditions or certain eye disease, diabetes, vitamin B deficiency or a severe mineral imbalance.  

Sometimes, drugs like Macrobid can cause live vaccines to work poorly. This means that it's worth avoiding this medication if you have recently had a vaccination or immunization. Kidney function also declines as you get older, so Macrobid might not be suitable for older people. The drug in this medicine is filtered by the kidneys, making it less appropriate for those with poor kidney function.  

Macrobid should only be used when absolutely necessary during pregnancy. You should not take it if you are at term with your pregnancy or near your time of delivery. Additionally, this substance can pass into breast milk, so you should consult your doctor before using it when nursing.  

Does Macrobid interact with any other medications? 

Macrobid and nitrofurantoin capsules can interact with other medicines, including over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs and herbal substances that you may be taking. To avoid interactions it's important to tell your doctor about any substances that you are using alongside Macrobid. Additionally, make sure that you do not start taking any new drugs when using this antibiotic without speaking to your doctor first.  

Macrobid will not work as well with antacids that contain the substance magnesium trisilicate. Additionally, you should not take Macrobid when you are using sulfinpyrazone or Probenecid. These drugs taken alongside Macrobid can lead to higher levels of the antibiotic you are taking to build up in your blood stream. This can be very dangerous as it increases your chances of more severe side effects.  

Be careful when taking Macrobid alongside any medication that may cause you to urinate less frequently or make it difficult for you to pass water. Speak to your doctor about whether Macrobid could interact with medications that you are taking for contraception. Usually, Macrobid will not interact with the contraceptive pill, but your doctor will be able to provide you with more guidance on how to stay protected against pregnancy.  

Where can you buy Macrobid? 

This medication is available to purchase online or offline from a registered pharmacy. Make sure that your pharmacy is certified before you attempt to get Macrobid from them. Your pharmacy should ask for a prescription to ensure that it is safe for you to take this medication.  

Can you get Macrobid without a prescription? 

You should not be able to buy Macrobid in the UK without a prescription. Antibiotics will only work on certain infections. Your doctor will need to assess your condition carefully to make sure that Macrobid is the appropriate treatment for your condition. Your doctor will also be able to make sure that your new antibiotic will not interact negatively with anything you are already taking.  




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