Microgynon 30

Reliable contraception? Order Microgynon!

Microgynon 30: a safe and reliable contraceptive pill

There are many types of contraceptive pills. Microgynon has been prescribed for years and is one of the safest and most reliable tablets on the market. Microgynon is very popular among women because it is so easy to use and hardly has any side effects. Microgynon is a so-called combined pill and contains the active ingredients levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, two types of hormones that play an important role in regulating women’s monthly cycles.

Microgynon prevents pregnancy and menstrual symptoms

Microgynon is intended primarily to prevent pregnancy. But it is also prescribed for other uses:
  • To treat menstrual symptoms such as severe abdominal cramps;
  • To treat heavy bleeding during a menstrual period;
  • To temporarily postpone menstruation.
Are you looking for a reliable contraceptive pill and/or medicine to relieve your menstrual symptoms? Then you should order Microgynon.

How does Microgynon 30 work?

The hormones in Microgynon prevent pregnancy in three ways:
  • They suppress ovulation: an egg is prevented from ripening and being released from the ovaries each month;
  • They change the quality of the womb lining, making it less likely that a fertilised egg can implant there.
  • They increase the thickness of the natural mucus at the neck of the womb, which makes it more difficult for sperm to cross from the vagina into the womb.
If taken regularly and correctly, Microgynon 30 is highly effective at preventing pregnancy. In addition, it produces a monthly withdrawal bleed that is much lighter than a woman’s usual period. Microgynon can therefore also be used to reduce menstrual symptoms.

How to use Microgynon 30

Like other contraceptive pills, Microgynon is only effective when taken daily at a specific time. Only then is this pill safe at preventing pregnancy. Dokteronline.com offers two forms of Microgynon:
  • Microgynon 30: a strip containing 21 pills, after which there is a seven-day break (pill-free week). During this break you will get a withdrawal bleed. After seven pill-free days you start with a new strip.
  • Microgynon 30 ED (every day): a strip containing 28 pills, seven of which are inactive (hormone-free) pills of a different colour. During the seven days of taking the inactive tablets, the levels of the hormones in your blood drop, which results in a withdrawal bleed. You start the next strip straight away without an in-between break.
Both forms are essentially the same, apart from the number of pills. Microgynon 30 ED contains 28 pills, which means you take a pill every day. Many women prefer this version because you do not need to remember to start the pill after a seven-day period. Would you like to buy Microgynon? Then read the package leaflet before use.

Order Microgynon at dokteronline.com

Dokteronline.com offers Microgynon contraceptive pills in packs containing 3, 6, 9 or 12 strips. Ordering Microgynon 30 online from dokteronline.com has many advantages: your order is processed quickly, safely and discreetly, there are no long lines and payment is hassle free. Your order is delivered to you within a few business days with a few clicks of the button. Order Microgynon here or call us if you prefer to place your order by phone.
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Microgynon 30 0.03 mg 3 x 21 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Microgynon 30 ED 0.03 mg 3 x 28 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Microgynon 30 0.03 mg 6 x 21 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Microgynon 30 ED 0.03 mg 6 x 28 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Microgynon 30 0.03 mg 9 x 21 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Microgynon 30 0.03 mg 12 x 21 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Microgynon 30 ED 0.03 mg 9 x 28 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Microgynon 30 ED 0.03 mg 12 x 28 Tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


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