Montelukast is a substance regularly used to prevent the side effects commonly associated with asthma, and other medical conditions that may cause shortness of breath. Montelukast can help to reduce the number of asthma attacks a patient is exposed to. More information

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Montelukast is the generic form of an asthma medication used to prevent shortness of breath, wheezing, and other common conditions associated with asthma. Montelukast is also used before exercise to assist with preventing breathing problems caused by bronchospasms.    

What is Montelukast? 

Montelukast is a substance regularly used to prevent the side effects commonly associated with asthma, and other medical conditions that may cause shortness of breath. Montelukast can help to reduce the number of asthma attacks a patient is exposed to. In some cases, it will simply be used to reduce the risk of experience symptoms.  This medication does not work immediately, which means that it is often prescribed to people with asthma as part of a combination therapy. You may need to take other medications alongside Montelukast when you need to deal with emergency breathing problems. Montelukast can decrease the number of times that you need to use an emergency or rescue inhaler, and often relieves symptoms like stuffy and runny nose, sneezing, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and more. This medication works by blocking the leukotrienes in the body that react with substances in the body to worsen or cause asthma and allergy attacks. Using Montelukast makes it easier for you to breathe naturally by reducing the inflammation in your airways.  

When is Montelukast used? 

Montelukast oral tablets are typically used for the treatment of people suffering from asthma. Although this medication will not eliminate symptoms immediately, it can help to reduce your chances of suffering from symptoms when taken regularly over time. Montelukast will help to consistently widen your airways and reduce the way that your muscles and internal systems react to stimuli like smoke, cold air, dust mites, exercise, and other triggers for an asthma attack.  

Montelukast can also be prescribed to people who suffer from year-round allergies, to help them deal with symptoms like stuffiness, trouble breathing, and coughing. Additionally, your doctor might recommend using this medication to prevent or reduce the symptoms of exercise-induced issues like bronchospasms.  

How do you use Montelukast? 

Montelukast can usually be used alongside an emergency inhaler when necessary. Available in tablet format, the most common form of this substance is a standard tablet that you will take by mouth, according to the directions provided by your doctor. When you first start using Montelukast or your dosage is increased, there's a much higher risk that you'll suffer from problems like depression and other mood-related side effects.  

If you're using the standard tablets, you can take Montelukast with a glass of water, either with or without food. It is important to take this substance at the same time every day so that you don't forget to take a dose. If you do forget to take a dose, then you can take it immediately when you remember, as long as it's not too close to the time to your next dose. If you are due to take another dose soon, skip the missed dose and continue as normal.  

If you are using the chewable tablet version of this medication, then you can chew the substance before swallowing, this will help to break up the tablet within your system. If you are taking your Montelukast for asthma or to help prevent the side-effects of allergies, then it's a good idea to take your dose during the evening, before you go to sleep.  

If you are using Montelukast to help prevent breathing issues during periods of exercise, you will need to take the medication at least 2 hours before you exercise. It is important not to take more than a single dose of Montelukast in 24 hours as this can increase your risk of dangerous side effects. Do not simply stop taking this medication, even if you feel as though your symptoms have improved. You should only stop taking Montelukast when your doctor tells you to do so.  

Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, you should be able to continue taking other medications prescribed for asthma, such as relief inhalers, at the same time as taking Montelukast.  

What dosages are available? 

Your doctor will determine which dose is right for you depending on the nature of your condition and your response to other forms of treatment. It is important not to take more or less of Montelukast than your doctor prescribes. Take too little and you will not see the right results. If you take too much, then your risk of side effects will be increased.  

The most common dosage for treating asthma or year-round allergies is a single oral tablet taken once a day. The strength of the common tablet is 10mg of Montelukast. This can be taken in the evening by children over the age of 15 and adults. This substance will not be recommended at the normal dosage for children under the age of 15. If you are unsure about anything to do with taking Montelukast or your dosage, speak to a doctor or pharmacist, or consult the package leaflet included with the medication.  

What are the side effects of Montelukast? 

Most people will be able to take Montelukast safely without experiencing any significant side effects. However, there is always a chance that any medication could cause negative reactions in your body. The majority of the side effects associated with Montelukast are minor and will deteriorate over time as your body becomes more accustomed to the medication. If you are concerned about any symptoms you experience, contact a medical professional.  

Common side effects of Montelukast include headache, problems with stomach pain and diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. You may also experience dizziness or drowsiness when taking this medication, which is one of the reasons why it's a good idea to take it before you go to bed. It's possible to get more respiratory tract infections with Montelukast, and rashes may occur. Side effects associated with mood and mental disorders are more common when you increase your dose of Montelukast or start taking it for the first time. Tell your doctor if you experience any serious but rare conditions like increased feelings of depression or anxiety, or trouble sleeping. Other symptoms may include memory problems, issues paying attention to things, and hallucinations or sleep walking.  

Tell your doctor if you notice any pain or tingling in your extremities (arms and legs) and seek emergency attention if you see swelling in your sinuses, muscle weakness, or problems with uncontrolled muscle movements. While very serious allergic reactions to Montelukast is rare, there is a chance that you could experience a reaction. Get emergency attention if you have swelling in the tongue, face or throat, trouble breathing, or severe dizziness.  

When shouldn't you use Salamol? 

Most people will be able to use Montelukast safely as long as they are over the age of 15. However, it is important to tell your doctor all about your medical history before you begin using this substance. This includes whether you have any history of allergies that are related to Montelukast, or whether you have had problems with liver disease in the past. Liver disease could mean that you are unable to filter the substance out of your system properly.  

The kidneys of older adults may also not work as well as they should, which could mean that this drug is processed more slowly by your body. If this is the case, your doctor might start you on a lower dose of Montelukast, to reduce your risk of side effects. The chewable version of Montelukast tablets can sometimes contain aspartame. If you have any conditions that may require you to avoid exposure to this substance in your diet, then you may need to ask your doctor about using the substance that you swallow whole, or the granules instead.  

If you have any allergies to NSAIDS or aspirin, you should avoid these drugs when taking Montelukast. Sensitive to these drugs can increase with Montelukast, and tighten your airways, leading to increased breathing problems. During pregnancy, it is recommended that women only use Montelukast when it is clear that it is absolutely needed. You will need to discuss the risks and benefits of taking Montelukast with your doctor if you are thinking of getting pregnant, or nursing a child while using Montelukast  

Does Montelukast interact with any other medications? 

There currently isn't a lot of research available into Montelukast and how it reacts with other medications. However, there is a possibility that this drug could interact with other substances, including vitamins, herbal substances and recreational drugs. Make sure that your doctor is aware of all the substances you are taking, including supplements, and over-the-counter medications.  

Alcohol may worsen the feelings of dizziness that some people get when taking Montelukast. Make sure that you keep that in mind and drink responsibly.  

Where can you buy Montelukast? 

Montelukast is available to buy from all registered offline and online pharmacies in most parts of the EU. If you have a prescription for this medication already, we can arrange for it to be available to pick up at a local EU pharmacy for you. Or we can arrange for a consultation with a registered doctor.  

Can you get Salamol without a prescription?  

Montelukast is not available without a prescription. Your doctor will need to consider your condition and medical background before suggesting this drug for you. They will also need to determine what kind of Montelukast you should be taking.




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