Muscular and Joint pain

Muscular and Joint pain

Stiff muscles and/or joints might lead to muscular pains. Muscular pain can appear after a day of intensive sports, an incorrect posture or unusual effort. Waste products (lactic acid) concentrate in the muscle and as soon as that concentration hits the nerves, you experience muscular pain. One solution is to rub cream on your tired muscles A cream often releases heat and makes the muscles more flexible.

Joint pains are often caused by wear and tear (arthritis) or inflammation (arthritis/ rheumatism). You can take painkillers to alleviate the pain and stay mobile. Heat can also help to keep the joints more supple. An infrared lamp radiates heat that penetrates deep into the muscles and joints. Infrared lamps are also available online here.

Patch for muscular and joint pain.
But a cream or a tablet do not always help against muscular or joint pains. You can then opt to apply a patch against the pain. Think of a heat patch or Medisana Medistim. These are different ways of muscular and joint pain control.

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