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Norimin tablets are a branded name for a combined contraceptive pill. The contraceptive pill can prevent or reduce the risk of pregnancy when used regularly, and according to the medical instruction given. More information

A doctor will review your order and write you a prescription, if appropriate. This prescription is then forwarded to a pharmacy. The pharmacy will have your medicine delivered to you within one to three working days. Read more about this process here.

Norimin is a combined form of contraceptive pill known as the “combined” pill. This means that it uses two forms of hormones as active ingredients. Norimin tablets contain norethisterone and ethinylestradiol, which are synthetic versions of progesterone and estrogen – the naturally occurring female sex hormones.  

What is Norimin? 

Norimin tablets are a branded name for a combined contraceptive pill. The contraceptive pill can prevent or reduce the risk of pregnancy when used regularly, and according to the medical instruction given. Unlike other progesterone only, or “mini pills”, Norimin contains a synthetic version of two female sex hormones. Instead of estrogen, Norimin has ethinylestradiol, while it uses noresthisterone instead of progesterone.  

The synthetic versions of the female hormones in Norimin pills work in the same way as the organic versions of the hormones in a woman’s body. Combined pills like Norimin over-ride the normal cycle that a woman goes through when she has her period. Usually, levels of sex hormones in a woman will drop and change throughout the course of a month. These hormones cause an egg to be dropped from the ovaries to allow for the start of a possible pregnancy.  

The daily amount of hormones that you get when you’re taking Norimin tricks your body into thinking that you’ve already experienced ovulation. This stops the egg from ripening and being released into the ovaries each month. Norimin hormonal contraceptive tablets can also reduce your risk of pregnancy in other ways. For instance, this pill will increase the natural mucus at the entrance to the womb, making it harder for sperm to reach an egg.  

When is Norimin used? 

Norimin, like many combined contraceptive pills, is most commonly used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. While Norimin can protect against pregnancy when it is taken properly according to the instructions on the patient leaflet, it cannot defend against other side effects of unprotected sex. Norimin will not stop you from getting STIs or other sexually-transmitted diseases.  

Norimin may also be prescribed to women who have particularly painful or heavy periods. The combined contraceptive pill can make periods more manageable and less painful, as well as reducing their irregularity.  

How do you use Norimin? 

Different combined contraceptive pills come with different guidelines on how to use them. Even if you have had a similar pill before, it’s important to follow the instructions given by your consultant when using Norimin. Additionally, if you have any questions about how to use this medication, you should read through the patient leaflet that comes supplied with the pill.  

Usually, Norimin is provided as a monophasic pill. In other words, every pill that you get in your packet has the same dose of hormones in it. While one tablet is taken every day for a period of 21 days, you get a seven day break at the end of that period. During the time when you’re not taking any Norimin pills, you may experience something called a withdrawal bleed, which is what happens when your hormone levels drop. The withdrawal bleed might be similar to a regular period.  

Norimin tablets come in a calendar packet that has been pre-marked with the days of the week to help you remember when to take a pill each day. You will need to take a pill at the same time every day for a period of three weeks, followed by a week with no pills. You should be protected against pregnancy when you’re in your pill-free week, as long as you have remembered to take your pill correctly. 

Swallow each tablet with a drink and make sure that you tell your doctor if you have any bouts of sickness or diarrhea when using Norimin. These problems could make it impossible for the hormones to be properly absorbed into your system, which means that you might not be fully protected against pregnancy.  

What dosages are there? 

As a monophasic pill, every pill in your Norimin packet will include the same number of hormones. There are no placebo pills as you might have had with other contraceptive pills. You will need to take one pill every day for 21 days, then take a 7 day break before you begin your new packet. 

Remember, if you forget to take a dose of Norimin, then you should take it as soon as you remember. If more than 12 hours have passed since you were due to take your dose of Norimin, contact a doctor or pharmacy to see whether you need to use additional barrier forms of contraception to ensure that you are protected against pregnancy.  

What are the side effects of Norimin? 

Many people will tolerate the combined pill without any dangerous or uncomfortable side effects. However, people respond to medication in different ways depending on their medical history and background. Often, the most common side effects of the combined contraceptive pill will happen during the first weeks and months when you begin using Norimin. This is because your body is getting used to a change in hormones.  

Some of the most common side effects include: 

  • Gastro issues like stomach cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting; 
  • Breast changes, tenderness or enlargement; 
  • Changes in your weight or retention of water; 
  • Vaginal thrush; 
  • Change in your menstrual bleeding cycle; 
  • Stoppage of menstrual bleeding; 
  • Decreased sex drive; 
  • Depression or mood changes; 
  • Rise in blood pressure. 

Some people may have rare skin reactions when taking Norimin that cause small brown patches to appear on areas of skin around the body, such as the face. You may also develop something called corneal curvature, which makes it harder to wear your contact lenses as normal.  

If you notice any signs that you might be having side effects that affect your liver, such as yellow in the whites of your eyes or trouble with your urine, contact a doctor. The side effects associated with Norimin can also include a slightly higher risk of blood clots. Your risk of blood clots is more significant if you have a history of similar problems, or if you spend a lot of time travelling.  

When shouldn't you use Norimin? 

Norimin will not be suitable for all women to use. For instance, you should never use a combined bill when you’re pregnant or breast-feeding. To know for certain whether a kind of medication is suitable for you, it’s important to answer all of the questions that your consultant asks about your background and medical history truthfully.  

You will need to use Norimin with caution if you have ever had a blood clot in a vein, or you have a blood disorder that increases your chances of blood clots. Many combined contraceptive pills can increase your risk of blood clots, and your risk level is higher if you have ever had: 

  • A stroke or heart attack; 
  • Treatment for varicose veins; 
  • Specific blood disorders; 
  • Deep vein thrombosis; 
  • Issues with obesity or smoking; 
  • Moderate to severe high blood pressure.  

Norimin might not be prescribed to women who smoke regularly, and those over the age of 50, as these people are more likely to have serious side effects. Additionally, it may not be suitable for you to take Norimin if you have severe diabetes with complicates that affects the nerves, eyes or kidneys.  

Norimin should not be used by: 

Women with breast cancer or a history of breast cancer in their family. However, you can use this medication if you’ve been free from cancer for five years; 

  • Women with unusual vaginal bleeding that has not been diagnosed; 
  • Women with a history of excessive urea in their blood leading to damaged blood cells; 
  • Women with an active liver disease or a history of liver disease who have not had their liver functioning return to normal since; 
  • Women with disorders that cause jaundice and issues with bile excretion; 
  • Women suffering from gallstones, or with a history of gallstones. 

If you are allergic to Norimin or any of the ingredients included in the combined pill, tell your consultant before you begin using it. If you are over the age of 35 years and you smoke, or you have another risk factor that could make you more susceptible to blood clots, your doctor may want to arrange regular appointments with you when you’re taking this medication to ensure that you are not going to experience any severe side effects.  

There are also some cases where woman may be advised to use Norimin with caution. For instance, this could be the case for you if you have a history of depression, you use a wheelchair, or you have a history of migraines. If you have a high level of the hormone prolactin in your blood, then you may  

Does Norimin interact with any other medications? 

Sometimes, medications can interact poorly with the other substances that you are using to manage different health conditions. When you are having your consultation, make sure that you tell your consultant about any other medications that you are taking. This includes over-the-counter drugs, as well as prescription medications and herbal supplements or remedies.  

Do not start taking a different amount of a drug that you are already using when you use this contraceptive until your doctor says that it is safe to do so. There are medications that can speed up the way that the hormones in this medication are processed by the liver. This could mean that you are not as well protected against pregnancy.  

Tell your doctor if you are taking medicines like modafinil, phenytoin, or cobicistat when you are using Norimin. While it is unlikely that most  antibiotics will interfere with Norimin, you may want to ask your doctor if you’re protected when taking antibiotics.  

Where can you buy Norimin? 

In order to safely take Norimin you need to have a recent blood pressure check; it is available to buy from a collaborating pharmacy after you have had a consultation. A prescription can be sent for you to a local pharmacy where you can collect your medication.  

Can you get Norimin without a prescription?  

It is not possible to get the combined contraceptive pill without a prescription. You’ll need to speak to a professional about your background to ensure that Norimin is right for you.  

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