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Opioid painkillers

Opioid painkillers (also called opioid analgesics) can be more effective for pain relief than more simple non-opioid analgesics, so they’re used for moderate to severe pain. Pain is considered to be severe if it’s disabling, meaning you have to take more frequent rests or can only walk or move awkwardly.

With you can only apply for a weak (mild) opioid pain relief treatment. Please note that tramadol and any medication containing tramadol cannot be dispensed via this website for residents in the United Kingdom.

Whilst we want to make the process of ordering these medicines as straight forward as possible, there are certain procedures that we have put in place to ensure they are being used appropriately and safely. Therefore, when ordering one of the opioid analgesics listed on the website (click here for a complete overview), please always refer first to our Opioid Policy and Opioid Ordering Limit when adding the item to your basket.


Strong opioids cannot be applied for through this website. Examples of strong opioids include: fentanyl, methadone diamorphine, morphine, oxycodone, and pethidine.