Opioid Policy

Opioid painkillers can be addictive and therefore we are determined to do everything we can to ensure that they are being used appropriately and safely. For this reason the following guidelines will be strictly followed by the doctors and pharmacies:

1. There is a 30 day limit on all opioid pain-killers that will be provided to a customer in any one instruction. Please refer to our Opioid Instruction Limit when you want to start a consultation with a doctor for this.

2. If a second instruction is placed during the 30 day limit, that instruction will be held with payment until the time limit has expired. There are no exceptions.

3. If a customer has placed an instruction with Dokteronline.com as well as with any other source, at the same time, we will reduce or cancel the instruction, so that the total supplied product by a pharmacy we have access to does not exceed the maximum allowance. If you are in doubt as to when and how much you will be allowed to request please either mail customer service or call 020 3026 5639. Keep your last instruction number at hand as this will be requested.

4. If the reason for your instruction is not specific enough, you will be asked for more information about your pain or condition. For example, if you have entered just 'pain' or 'headache' then this is not sufficient information for the doctor to review your request.

5. The doctor will be particularly careful in prescribing for younger people (under 25) as it is rare for people in this age group to have a condition that requires this type of medication.

6. If there are several people requesting opioids from the same address or in the immediate area, these instructions are likely to be refused.

7. It is never personal when an instruction is declined by the doctor. Please contact the doctor if you are in doubt, they are there to help and assist you. Any new (duplicate) instructions are likely to be refused.

8. If we detect any misconduct or misuse of our service you will be blacklisted, meaning you won’t be able to place any instructions again through our online healthcare website. There is a special team monitoring this and please note that this is for your own safety.

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