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Intimate care

While the skin of the genital area is very delicate, it is still important to keep this part of the body clean. Soap is not suitable for washing intimate areas, as the pH value of ordinary soap, bath and shower gel is too aggressive for these body parts and can potentially cause skin problems such as itching, rash or even a yeast infection. Using only lukewarm water is safe, but not always adequate. The warm, moist environment in the genital area presents an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and dirt.


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Sebum and skin flakes, urine, sweat and other body fluids collect in the skin folds of the labia, behind the foreskin and around the head of the penis, forming a substance called smegma. This white, greasy substance with a foul smell, caused by lactic acid bacteria, is difficult to remove with water.

Fortunately, there are safe products designed for cleaning the vagina and penis. These intimate care products have been developed specifically for delicate genital skin. They are pH neutral, do not contain irritating substances and have been dermatologically tested.

The intimate care products range consists of a body wash emulsion for daily gentle cleansing and intimate tissues, specially formulated to refresh intimate parts of the body. These tissues are easy to carry with you and thus ideal for travelling, when out and about or for unexpected overnight stays. Intimate hygiene gives you a fresh and confident feeling, prevents unpleasant odours and keeps the skin supple and clean.

Dokteronline.com offers a selection of intimate care products to maintain personal freshness and hygiene. The Chilly range is intended specifically for women and consists of three types of wash gels and intimate tissues to address women’s specific intimate needs. At Dokteronline.com, these intimate care products are standard in-stock items, with delivery available in just one to three days.

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