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Lice are parasites that live off human blood. They can be found in body hair, on the scalp, in pubic hair, eyelashes and beards. Lice are very contagious and spread through physical contact, especially among children.


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Lice suck blood from their host by boring a small hole through the skin. This causes severe itching. Lice are easy to detect by examination of the hair. They lay eggs on the shafts of hair, which look like little white dots. To prevent lice from spreading and returning, it is very important to identify and treat a head lice infestation as quickly as possible.

Possible remedies for lice:
- Dry clean all infested clothes and coats
- Change bedding
- Shave off chest, stomach and pubic hair, and then wash
- Remove lice with a lice comb
- Use lice killing products such as Loxazol, Millium, Prioderm or Nyda

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