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Perspiration & Sweaty Feet

Perspiration or sweating is necessary to keep the body temperature constant. Sweat is mainly water and salt. We sweat between 100 and 8,000 ml per 24 hours, depending on the temperature and level of physical activity. When the body is at risk of overheating sweat is produced to lower the body’s temperature.

The sweat that appears on the surface of the skin is odourless. However, when this sweat comes into contact with the bacteria present on the skin the composition changes, creating that familiar body odour.

Excessive sweating is a condition characterised by abnormally increased sweating, even without physical activity. It is very common and usually does not have a known cause. However, it can be very inconvenient, for example when interacting with other people. Excessive sweating is often localised to particular areas of the body, such as the face, chest, armpits, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Sweaty feet are a problem for many people. Excessive sweating of the feet is an uncomfortable condition. Because socks and shoes are worn for long periods of time the excess moisture is trapped, causing an unpleasant odour. Washing your feet and socks and changing shoes as often as possible is a good remedy. In addition to this, there are various products for perspiration and sweaty feet that you can use. See below to order.

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