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Urinary problems

Urinary problems can affect both men and women. As age increases, so does the chance of urinary problems. Involuntary urine loss in women can be caused by child birth, menopause or a prolapsed bladder.
Men generally experience urinary problems later in life. In most cases, a benign enlarged prostate is the cause. Most men are ashamed of having this problem, because urinary problems often occur in combination with erection and ejaculation dysfunction. Two common problems are frequent urination or urinary hesitancy or retention. Older men often experience a decreased force of their urinary stream and dribbling. If you have one or more of these urinary symptoms, there are products you can take. offers a range of products to relieve urinary problems.

How does it work?

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    You choose your treatment
    Learn about the options and choose a treatment that suits your needs.
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    We'll guide you every step of the way
    A doctor will review your medical questionnaire and send your prescription to an affiliated pharmacy.
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    Hassle-free home delivery
    Your parcel will be delivered to your doorstep quickly and easily.
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Urinary problems in men often go hand in hand with erection dysfunction. At you can order Cialis Once a Day, a combination pill that helps treat both conditions.

Urinary problems due to bladder infection
Urinary problems can also be caused by a bladder infection. A vast majority of women will, on average, have one episode of urinary tract infection each year. Nowadays, there are special bladder infection self-tests available. A positive test result? Then order antibiotics at to treat your bladder infection quickly. With antibiotics bladder infections can be cured within a few days. If you have a bladder infection or urinary problems on a regular basis, we recommend having a self-test in your home.

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