Security, Privacy and Discretion

Protecting Your Personal Data takes all the necessary steps to ensure the optimal security of your private information. has a privacy policy for the protection of your personal data.

Privacy, security, discretion and complete customer satisfaction are key concepts that lie at the heart of The information you provide us with is strictly confidential and is protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the legal rules of the doctor-patient relationship. We use the SSL 2048 bit encrypted encryption technology for transmitting any data via the internet; something which is reliable and secure. We always use the right methods to protect your data. You can find a safety certificate on the homepage of

All information provided by you will only be used to provide you with the best possible information and services. We do not share your personal data with third parties without your consent. The only exceptions are the doctors and pharmacies to which we have access so that they can carry out their assignment for you, as required. In order to determine whether the treatment is suitable for you, your medical information is requested during the doctor's consultation. This information is only used by the doctor and only, when necessary, by the pharmacist. Any communication between you and the doctor is via an encrypted website address to ensure your safety and privacy. Your name and address are required for the courier service to be able to deliver a treatment to you.

Discreet at All Times

Discretion is always considered the better part of valour at You can count on confidential methods at each stage of the process and in all our communications. You can communicate with the doctors discreetly and in a safe environment. Any package sent to you by the pharmacist will be only marked with the name of the pharmacy. Similarly, your bank statement will only show "" with an order number. Your privacy is our priority.

Doctors and Pharmacies You Can Trust has access to recognised and registered doctors and pharmacies who only deliver genuine (branded) medicines from official and reputable manufacturers.

Doctors has access to 11 qualified doctors whose backgrounds have been thoroughly checked. In addition, we monitor any prescriptions that are made.

The doctors to which has access have been extensively checked by for their qualifications, diplomas, registrations and so on. These doctors can and may prescribe medication on the basis of an online consultation. An existing treatment relationship between doctor and patient is not required - neither in the Netherlands or the other EU countries where the doctors in question are based. You must submit your complete medical history via the online doctor consultation. It is always your responsibility to be honest with your doctor about your symptoms and medical history.

You can always find the name of the doctor providing treatments in the confirmation email you'll receive after the doctor has assessed your application. In this email, you will also find the official registration number of your doctor, as well as a digital link to the regulatory authority in the EU country where this doctor works. You can use this information to easily verify his or her registration online.


The pharmacies to which has access are European pharmacies that fully comply with all rules that apply in the country of residence. They have the official EU quality mark for online pharmacies. In addition, these pharmacies have been checked by us for quality, professionalism, certification and diplomas. Each pharmacy is supervised by the relevant inspection authority in the country of establishment.

Controls and Checks

In addition to, the relevant medical authorities monitor the doctors and pharmacies to which we have access. Licenses and diplomas have been checked. Furthermore, we personally visit the doctors and pharmacies ourselves to provide a reference. In addition, an independent medical advisory board supervises the medical processes surrounding the website.

Genuine Medicines and Ingredients

The medicines sold and delivered by the registered, independent pharmacies used come from the original manufacturer(s) of that product. Sometimes a pharmacy stocks the medicine in a large pack, and sends the ordered quantity in alternative packaging. The pharmacies keep strict controls on counterfeit medicines in order to always guarantee the best quality. If you do not trust what you receive, then please contact Customer Services or the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer can use the barcode to find out whether the medicine that has been sent is genuine. Please note that the medicines sometimes have foreign packaging. That does not mean, however, that something strange is going on.

The European Cross-Border Healthcare Directive regulates the harmonisation of prescriptions. Mutual recognition of prescriptions has been mandatory since 2013. This means that every prescription - and therefore also online prescriptions - must be recognised by pharmacies in every EU country if they are provided by an EU doctor in accordance with the rules of the country in question.

How Does Operate Legally? is an informative website and an online service for consumers. The website provides information about all kinds of health issues and the possible treatments thereof. does not offer products itself but ensures that you can get products safely, quickly and discreetly from controlled and independent pharmacies. These products are not sold by us, but we offer you the possibility of ordering products from pharmacies and/or to receive a consultation (whether or not in combination with a preferential treatment) from a doctor. The prices mentioned are the costs for the products supplied by the independent, registered pharmacies in the EU and, if appropriate, a doctor's consultation.

When you ask to order a product (whether or not resulting from a consultation) from a pharmacy in your name and for your account and risk, will search for a suitable pharmacy. This includes the availability of the product, the distance from the customer in question and the price of the product. We do not work for pharmacies and we are not tied to certain pharmacies. With every order from a customer, is free to choose the most appropriate pharmacy to supply medicines. We do not receive a commission from pharmacies.

The opposite is also true: pharmacies are free to choose customers and do not receive a commission from We do not sell any products but are a communication service that requires pharmacies to sell and deliver certain products to these customers, on behalf of, and for the account and risk of third parties. Prices of products from pharmacies are often known in advance at and there is no negotiation on behalf of customers or pharmacies. The price of products from pharmacies, including shipping costs, is included in the price for the services, as described on the website. There is, therefore, no question of any negotiation in the price of the medications.

When you ask to arrange a consultation on your behalf, will search for a suitable doctor, for example, based on availability. We do not work for doctors and we are not restricted to certain doctors. With every order from a customer, is free to choose a doctor. We do not receive a commission from doctors. The opposite is also true: doctors are not obliged to provide customers with a consultation and they do not receive a commission from The doctor receives a normal reimbursement from for a consultation, and this fee is included in the price for the services as described on the website. will pass on information about a preferred treatment to a doctor on behalf of a client, but we have no influence on the consultation, the assessment of the medical questionnaire and/or the assessment of the desired treatment by any doctor offering their services. The treating doctor is completely independent and is in no way influenced by to prescribe certain medications.


The total costs for an assignment consist of the costs of the preferential treatment provided to you by the pharmacy, the consultation costs that the doctor charges you, a service fee and - if applicable - shipping costs and VAT. If you select multiple packages of your preferential treatment, then part of the service fee charged by will be deducted. This saving does not represent a discount on the selected product, but a saving on the service fee.


The name of the doctor offering his or her services can always be found in the confirmation email, which you will receive after a doctor has assessed your medical questionnaire. This email also contains the official registration number of the treating doctor, as well as a digital link to the regulatory authority in the EU country where this doctor works. With this information, his or her registration can be verified online easily. You will also receive an aftercare link by email, which can put you in direct contact with the doctor who prescribed your medication so you can ask any questions you might have. In most cases, this aftercare is more than sufficient. It is up to the doctors to assess whether, in some cases, more or different contact or aftercare is needed or by referring you back to your own general practitioner.