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Vitaros cream is used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). It contains the active ingredient alprostadil, which widens blood vessels, allowing more blood to enter the penis, which in turn produces an erection. Vitaros cream is only available on prescription.

Who can use Vitaros cream?

Vitaros cream is applied locally to the tip of the penis and is therefore, a good alternative for men who do not tolerate or want to take erection pills, or for men who suffer from side effects when using Viagra or Cialis, for example.

Alprostadil and ED

ED is when a man has difficulty getting an erection, even when sexually aroused. Some men with ED can get an erection but may lose it during intercourse before they or their partner are ready. Most cases of ED are related to blood flow to the penis not being adequate enough to create or sustain an erection. The active ingredient in Vitaros cream resolves this problem and temporarily restores the ability to get an erection.

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Ordering Vitaros online

Buying from an online pharmacy is a good option for people who want to acquire Vitaros cream easily and discreetly. Online shopping has many benefits, but can also be risky. The online market is flooded with fake and poor-quality drugs which are sold through fraudulent websites. Instead of receiving a genuine product, you may receive a fake or nothing at all. To protect yourself from fraudulent sellers, you need to be well informed.

If you buy Vitaros online, do so from a registered European pharmacy that has staffed customer service. Vitaros cream is a prescription-only medicine, which means that you need a prescription, even online, to buy it. If the online pharmacy does not offer an online consultation with an affiliated doctor who can provide you with an online prescription, the chances are that the product they are selling is substandard. Indeed, Vitaros cream that is sold without a prescription is most likely fake, unsafe or will simply not work.

You should also check whether the website has a secure payment environment, and whether the company certified and offers independent customer reviews, as positive feedback from customers is a good sign that the website is trustworthy.

How to use Vitaros cream

Vitaros cream helps you to overcome your erectile problems, allowing you to enjoy sex again. The cream is very easy to use and takes effect almost instantly. Applying the cream is simple. For a firm erection, simply place the tip of the pre-filled container over the opening of the penis and push down the plunger until all the cream is expelled into the opening. The duration of effect is approximately one to two hours. For more information on how to use this treatment, see the package leaflet for Vitaros cream.

How to order ED treatments

At, quality and safety are our priority and you can order Vitaros online and discreetly. works with online consultations. Before a prescription is issued, your medical details are always assessed by an independent doctor. The prescription is then sent to a pharmacy where your order is dispensed and shipped. has a wide range of ED medicines, and in addition to Vitaros cream, we offer other products containing alprostadil. If you are not comfortable using a locally administered product and do not want to use oral ED medication, there are other ways to achieve an erection, for example by using a vacuum device.

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