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Zapain Package Leaflet

This information brochure contains general information on Zapain. You can find more extensive information on dosage and use in the Zapain package leaflet. Make sure your read the package leaflet carefully before you start using Zapain. If you have any questions, please contact a doctor or pharmacist.

What is Zapain and what is it used for?

Zapain capsules and tablets contain two active ingredients, paracetamol and codeine (a morphine-like painkiller). The combination of these two ingredients makes Zapain a powerful and effective painkiller for moderate to severe pain. Zapain is used to treat various types of pain, including:

  • Nerve pain;
  • Pain from surgery;
  • Muscle and joint pain (rheumatic disorders);
  • Pain and fever caused by the flu or common cold;
  • Persistent tickly cough (dry cough) as a symptom of the flu or cold;
  • Pain and fever from illness;
  • Menstrual pain;
  • Migraine.

Zapain is only available on prescription.

Treatment with Zapain


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What you need to know before using Zapain

If you are taking Zapain for the first time, please read through the warnings below:

  • Do not use Zapain if you are allergic to paracetamol, codeine or any other ingredient in this medicine;
  • This medicine may cause sleepiness or affect your ability to react. Stay out of traffic if you experience these side effects;
  • Avoid drinking alcohol while taking Zapain. Alcohol may cause or intensify side effects such as sleepiness and dizziness;
  • Do not use Zapain if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting a doctor first. In any case you should avoid taking it during the last weeks of pregnancy;
  • Zapain may interact with other medicines. It is therefore important to specify what medicines you are taking when you order, so that the doctor can advise you on this if necessary;
  • Unless the doctor advises otherwise, Zapain is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

How to use Zapain

Zapain is available in capsule and tablet form. Swallow the tablets whole with some water, without chewing them. If you have a sensitive stomach, it is best to take Zapain with or after meals to avoid stomach distress. Zapain provides about four hours of relief. Do not take this painkiller for an extended period of time without consulting a doctor. For more information on dosage, see the package leaflet.

Possible side effects

Zapain may cause side effects, although some people may not experience any. Some of the side effects that are known to be associated with this medicine include:

  • Sleepiness, drowsiness, impaired reaction times;
  • Constipation (blockage in the bowel);
  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea.

For a complete list of possible side effects, see the Zapain package leaflet. If you would like to know what side effects other users have experienced, please read the information brochure ‘Experiences with Zapain’.

How to store Zapain

Keep medicine out of reach of children. Store Zapain at room temperature and preferably in the original pack. Do not use after the expiration date (see packaging or label).

Additional information

One tablet or capsule of Zapain contains 500 mg paracetamol and 30 mg codeine. For a full list of ingredients and information on the manufacturer and marketing authorisation holder of this product, see the package leaflet.