Zapain Without a Prescription

Do you need a strong painkiller quickly? Zapain is used to treat migraine headache, nerve pain, the flu, rheumatic pain and pain caused by other factors. Zapain is also a good remedy for tickly coughs. You can buy Zapain online with a prescription. You should not buy this medicine over the counter without a consultation with a doctor. At, we offer online consultations with affiliated, registered doctors who can provide you with a prescription for Zapain online.

Why do you need a prescription?

Zapain contains two medicines, paracetamol and codeine. When combined, paracetamol and codeine form a powerful painkiller. Zapain should not be used without consulting a doctor: this painkiller can cause side effects and interact with other medicines. Therefore, Zapain is not suitable for everyone. A doctor (your GP or the doctor who carries out the online consultation) always reviews your medical details to determine if Zapain is the right painkiller for you – and if so, which dose is best. You must not under any circumstances take this medicine on your own initiative. Always do so under the supervision of a doctor.

Do not buy Zapain without a prescription

Not every online pharmacy or webshop works with affiliated doctors. Some websites even sell Zapain without a prescription or online consultation. Although tempting, it is not advisable to respond to these offers. Zapain should only be prescribed by a doctor. If this is not the case, you run the risk of being duped. There are many fake pills in circulation on the Internet that are being sold at bargain prices. These pills are dangerous because you may be unknowingly taking toxic substances!

How to recognise untrustworthy websites

Would you like to order Zapain without a prescription from your GP? Then pay attention where you shop online. Here are some tips to learn how to tell the good websites from the bad ones:

  • Websites that sell fake Zapain and other counterfeit medicines usually provide limited information. Check whether the website has customer service that is easily accessible.
  • If the online pharmacy does not work with doctors who issue a prescription after assessing your medical details, then do not buy there!
  • Counterfeit medicines are mostly produced in Asia and other non-European countries. It is therefore safer to shop online at a registered EU-pharmacy.

Buying Zapain without a prescription at

You can find Zapain in’s standard selection of products. If desired, a prescription can be issued by one of our affiliated doctors. Listed below are a few other advantages of ordering online at

  • Openness and honesty: we see it as our responsibility to share as much information as possible on our medicines with you. On our website you can find package leaflets, customer reviews and various information brochures;
  • We work with registered, independent medical practitioners and EU-based pharmacies;
  • Our customer service is at your disposal;
  • Discretion: we treat your data with the strictest confidence and our products are always discreetly packaged in neutral packaging;
  • We do not provide prescription medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Your health is our top priority!

Why wait to treat your pain? Order Zapain today without a prescription from your GP and your order will be delivered to you within just one to three business days.

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