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Pigmented patches

Pigmented areas are flat patches consisting of pigment cells or melanocytes. Pigmented patches range in colour from light to dark and can appear anywhere on the body. Pigment or melanin is the primary determinant of skin colour. It is also found in hair and eyes, and acts as a barrier to the UV rays of the sun. Pigmented patches are formed when pigment cells produce too much pigment locally under the influence of sunlight. Pigmented patches typically appear as we age, because the skin has been exposed to the sun for many years.


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Pigment is formed because the UV rays of the sun prompt the pigment cells in our skin to make melanin. This process can be disrupted due to skin damage, medicine use or hormonal imbalance, as a result of which pigmented patches may develop. Age spots are formed when the skin is exposed to the sun over an extended period of time, and therefore generally appear on the hands and face at a later age. Most age spots are benign. In some cases, age spots may become cancerous and require treatment. Non-malignant spots are often treated for cosmetic reasons.

Pigmented patches can be camouflaged or removed. Camouflage creams are used to cover the spots and to make them lighter. Acid a Vit is a cream which stimulates cell division and helps to fade spots. Below you will find a range of products for pigmentation problems.

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