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Sleepzz Anti-snoring

Sleepzz Anti-snoring

Sleepzz offers a range of products for snoring relief such as anti-snoring throat spray and anti-snoring nasal strips. Sleepzz throat spray coats the back of the throat and tones the surrounding tissue. More information

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What is Sleepzz?

Sleepzz offers a range of products for snoring relief such as anti-snoring throat spray and anti-snoring nasal strips.

Sleepzz throat spray coats the back of the throat and tones the surrounding tissue. This helps to reduce vibrations when you breathe, which in turn reduces snoring. The throat spray consists of gentle and natural ingredients, including Vitamin E, Vitamin B, EPA complex and sesame, almond and eucalyptus oil and can be used over a prolonged period of time. The nasal strips comfortably open the nostrils, allowing more air into the nose. This enables open-mouthed breathers to breathe through their nose rather than through their mouth, which in turn reduces snoring.



What are Sleepzz products used for?

Sleepzz products are designed to reduce or eliminate snoring. Snoring is caused by vibrations at the back of the throat. When we sleep, our muscles relax and the tongue retracts into the throat. This causes the upper breathing passages to become narrowed or blocked, making it more difficult to breathe. As a result, the soft tissues at the back of throat start to vibrate, resulting in what is known as snoring.

Sleepzz throat spray lubricates the uvula and soft tissues at the back of the throat. This reduces vibrations, which in turn reduces snoring.

Sleepzz nasal strips allow more air to enter the nose. This eliminates the tendency to breathe through the mouth, which in turn helps prevent snoring.





How to use Sleepzz anti-snoring products

Sleepzz throat spray comes in an easy-to-use metered dose spray and has a pleasant mint flavour. Spray the uvula and towards the back of the throat before bedtime according to the instructions on the package leaflet. Tilt head backwards and allow the spray to work for 20 seconds before swallowing. Do not eat or drink after using the spray.

Sleepzz nasal strips are placed across the bridge of nose (see the package leaflet for correct application). Make sure the skin on the nose is clean so that the strip will stick.






The recommended dose for the Sleepzz anti-snoring throat spray is:




  • Adults and children aged 12 and above: four to five sprays towards the back of the throat once a day before bedtime.

Sleepzz anti-snoring throat spray is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Do not exceed the recommended dose and read the package leaflet carefully before use.




Side effects

Sleepzz anti-snoring throat spray consists exclusively of natural ingredients and has no side effects. Side effects with Sleepzz nasal strips are also rare. In the unlikely event that side effects do occur, contact your doctor.





When not to use Sleepzz products

Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredients in Sleepzz anti-snoring throat spray or nasal strips. Check the package leaflet for a list of ingredients. If you have a disease or condition affecting the throat or mouth or are uncertain about whether the throat spray is suitable for you, consult a doctor before use.





Pregnancy/driving ability/alcohol

Sleepzz anti-snoring products can be used safely by pregnant and breastfeeding women, provided the maximum dose is not exceeded.

Sleepzz products do not interact with alcohol or affect your ability to drive safely.



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This is GREAT Stuff

Harvey 5/5
New York, NY, 24-11-2015

I was in a pharmacy in Amsterdam and I bought it as a \\\"What do I have to lose\\\" item. While although it doesnt eliminate my snoring, she says I am pretty quiet. In three months since I have started with the spray, she has only complained one night. My problem is how do I buy more of it

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