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Experiences with Tramal

Tramal is a morphine-like painkiller that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. This medicine has helped many people manage acute or chronic pain from a wide range of sources, such as nerve pain, post-operative pain, pain caused by injury or illness, heavy migraine and rheumatic pain. Tramal contains the active ingredient tramadol, a medicine that blocks the transmission of pain signals and inhibits them from reaching the brain. The effect of this painkiller depends on the dosage form. Tramal is available in various forms, as drops, delayed release tablets (retard tablets) and capsules.

Tramal reviews

The majority of users have positive experiences with Tramal. Patients who want a strong painkiller are especially satisfied with Tramal. receives regular reviews from users about painkillers that contain tramadol. Below is one of these reviews.

I am very happy with tramadol. I use tramadol for nerve pain, and I must say, since I have started using tramadol the pain is a lot less. It does make me groggy sometimes, especially right after taking a dose.

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Experiences with Tramal: side effects

Many people are a bit wary of the side effects of morphine-like painkillers. But in reality the side effects are not that bad. Some users of Tramal have reported side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness and dizziness. In some cases, nausea has been reported. Most of these side effects will disappear once the body adjusts to the use of the medication. You can also reduce the chance of side effects by steering clear of alcohol. Drinking alcohol can trigger or intensify the side effects. Another tip that we received from Tramal users is to lie down if you feel nauseous. This helps to get rid of nausea quicker.

Tramal and addiction

Morphine-like painkillers have a reputation for being additive. The active ingredient tramadol can indeed be habit forming when taken regularly for long periods of time. This means you need a higher dose to obtain the same effect. The habituating properties of tramadol are reduced if you take the lowest possible dose of Tramal. It is also advisable not to use this painkiller longer than absolutely necessary. Have you been using Tramal for a long period of time? Then consult a doctor to wean down gradually to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Order Tramal online

Tramal can be ordered online without a prescription for your GP. You can buy this medicine safely online, with an online consultation and online prescription from’s registered doctor. Users of Tramal are very satisfied with the online order service that we provide. The advantages that have been reported include: fast delivery, secure payment method and discreet handling of customer information. Would you like to share your experience with Tramal? Then visit our product page. For more information on ordering Tramal online, consult our information brochure Buy Tramal.