Xenical without prescription

Xenical is the ultimate weight-loss solution for obese people. Xenical is prescribed to aid weight loss in people with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or more. Because Xenical is a prescription-only medicine you need a prescription, even online, to buy it. At dokteronline.com you can order Xenical without a prescription from your GP, but with an online consultation and online prescription issued by one of our affiliated doctors.

Online consultation

At Dokteronline.com it is possible to order prescription-only medicines after an online consultation. During the online consultation you will be asked a number of questions on your health via an online medical questionnaire. The same kind of questions your doctor asks about, for example, your weight, lifestyle and medicine use. It is important that you fill in the questionnaire carefully and truthfully. This allows the doctor to get a good idea of your physical health. If the doctor considers the use of Xenical safe and appropriate, a prescription will be issued. This online prescription is then forwarded directly to a pharmacy where your medicine will be dispensed and shipped. For more details on how to order Xenical without a prescription from your GP, please consult this information brochure: Order Process.

The advantage of ordering online

Losing weight is far from easy, especially for men and women who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Sometimes all you need is some extra help. A product such as Xenical can provide that. Many overweight people keep their dieting a secret, so that they don’t have to deal with well-intended tips, advice and questions. Ordering Xenical online can be done discreetly: there is no need to visit your GP or pharmacy where everyone can see (and hear) you. At Dokteronline.com your data will be treated in confidence and your order discreetly sent in plain packaging to the address provided. This way, you can start dieting without feeling pressure from anyone.

Watch out for fake Xenical

Nowadays, you can buy almost anything on Internet, including Xenical. Unfortunately, there are many websites that sell counterfeit medicines that are being passed on for the real thing. The trade in counterfeit medicines has thrived since the arrival of the Internet. Even though it is difficult, it is very important to tell genuine Xenical from fake Xenical, because the fake version can contain harmful substances. So make sure you buy this medicine from a trustworthy source. Here are some rules to help you distinguish between good websites and bad ones:
  • Never buy Xenical without a doctor’s prescription. If a website offers this medicine without a prescription or online consultation, this should set off alarm bells.
  • Xenical offered at discount prices is a dead giveaway that the product is fake.
  • Do not buy from online pharmacies that are not registered in Europe. Other continents have different, less stringent, regulations which makes it easier for criminals to go unnoticed.

Buy Xenical without a prescription

Xenical reduces your calorie intake from fat, which makes the weight come off easier and quicker. For more information on how this weight-loss product works, see the package leaflet. At dokteronline.com, you can buy Xenical without a prescription from your GP. The doctors that give you an online prescription are qualified and have years of experience in their field. What’s more, we work with registered pharmacies that only dispense original and approved medications. So you can rest assured that the Xenical you order at Dokteronline.com is completely safe and risk free.
Instruction costs
Service – Instruction costs

Xenical 120 mg 42 caps. + Consultation + Service fee


Xenical 120 mg 84 caps. + Consultation + Service fee


Xenical 120 mg 168 caps. + Consultation + Service fee


Xenical 120 mg 252 caps. + Consultation + Service fee


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