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Anal problems

Problems in the anal area are no laughing matter if you are suffering from sever pain. Almost everyone will experience anal problems at some time during their life, although most people prefer not to talk about it. Common symptoms such as itching and pain can be mainly be treated with special medications.


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What are the symptoms?

The most common anal conditions include:
Hemoriods: painful, itchy bulging lumps around the anus, sometimes accompanied by bloody stool (caused by ruptured hemoroids).
Anal fissures: cracks or tears in the skin around the anus, causing a sharp pain when passing stools often followed by a deep burning pain.
Anal warts: small warts that can occur inside and around the anus, caused by sexually transmitted HPV infections.
Anal itching: often caused by seatworms or a fungal infection.

How to prevent and treat anal problems

Hemoroids and anal fissures can be avoided by drinking plenty of water and eating high-fibre foods to promote regular, healthy bowel movements with no straining involved. Anal problems can also be treated with medication that relieves itching and pain, anthelmintics or an antifungal cream. There are also food supplements that soften your stool.

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