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Menstruation Pain

Menstruation pain is common problem that occurs mostly before and on the first day of the menstruation. To expel the lining of the womb the muscle tissue in the womb contracts. Those contractions usually cause the period pains.


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More than 60% of women suffer from (heavy) period pain. Menstruation pain can occur as abdominal pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, cramps and back pain. Some women also have heavy blood loss and their period pain starts around the time of ovulation

What to do against period pains

There are several methods to alleviate the pain. Regular pain medications work well to reduce pain caused from cramping. Ibuprofen and aspirin have few side effects and is available over the counter. We carry various ibuprofen such as (advil, nurofen) or naproxen (aleve). These painkillers are also available over the counter, but can affect the stomach and intestinal lining.

Period pain and the pill

A good solution against period pain is taking the contraceptive pill. The hormones in the pill prevent the maturation of the eggs and ovulation. Many women (80% - 90%) notice a considerable difference in pain with the contraceptive pill. This often is the best remedy against period pain.

Other treatments

Besides the contraceptive pill there are other methods to alleviate period pain. Heat often helps against abdominal cramps. You can hold a heated pillow or hot water bottle against your belly to alleviate cramps and pain. Heat patches are that release a pleasant heat for 8 hours maximum are also available. A third possibility is Medisana Medistim, this pain patch uses TENS (Transcutane Electro Neuro Stimulation). The low current stimulates the nerves in the skin which blocks the pain signals to the brain and you immediately feel less pain.

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