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Since 2004, we have grown from a national (Dutch) organisation to an international e-health platform for everyone. And we are proud of that. We support responsible self-management of health problems. Responsible self-management is central to Dokteronline. Whether it's an embarrassing health issue, a recurring condition or a minor ailment: we help customers find a solution to their problem in a responsible way. The content on our website is fully controlled by our Medical Advisory Board. We work intensively with our partner pharmacies and connect our customers with one of our affiliated doctors.
At Dokteronline, we support accessible healthcare because we believe you get to call the shots when it comes to your health.

Therefore, our mission is:

To give our customers access to appropriate treatments in a responsible way, because we believe in your ability to make well-informed health choices as long as we provide you with reliable advice.

What we mean by self-management

Freedom of choice is a precious right. Therefore, we aim to minimise the gap between you and your healthcare needs.

Do you feel uncomfortable discussing your health issue with your own GP? But is it important to you to get advice from a professional doctor? Are you tired of waiting in line at your doctor's surgery and looking for more convenience? A consultation at Dokteronline offers a discreet solution to determine what treatment is the best way forward. We boast a large network of EU registered doctors, who, in addition to their work for Dokteronline, also work as specialists in hospitals or other healthcare institutions.

What can we do for you?

Lastest developments

December 2022
We believe that everyone has the right to make their own decisions about their health. That is why we are constantly working on expanding our platform to new countries. This year, Dokteronline’s services will be also available in Romania.

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