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4 ways to never forget to take your contraceptive pill

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4 ways to not forget to take the pill the contraceptive pill is only reliable if it’s taken every day at or around the same time. Easier said than done because before you know it you may forget it and you have skipped a day.
That’s not really the point if you miss a pill it will increase the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

Read here for the best four tips & tricks to help you remember to take your pill.

1. Alarm

Many women set an alarm as a reminder to take the pill. Set a special ringtone for this reminder, so you immediately know what it is about. Golden tip: choose a ringtone of a crying baby. Need we say more …?

2. Place a reminder note on your mirror

We assume that your daily going to the bathroom to brush your teeth and hair to comb. Paste the strip with pills prominently on the mirror so have a daily reminder. Don’t forget to take your pill!

3. Use an app

Nowadays there is an app for everything, so naturally one has made one to help you take the pill. Convenient, because they tell you when your period is coming and how well you are protected against pregnancy. The great advantage of these apps is that you have to click on a button to confirm that you have actually taken the pill So you have a record it’s been swallowed and doesn’t have to doubt yourself. Check out the Apple/Google Play Store, search for the best pill apps and find your perfect way to the pill not to forget.

4. Make sure you swallow it at the same time with other medications

Swallowing your pill with other medications or dietary supplements? Set a daily medication time in and take the contraceptive pill right with your other medicines. So you don’t have several times a day to remember and forget a lot smaller. A good way to get the pill not to forget.

What to do in case of a forgotten pill?

Should you forget these tips, do not panic. Your options are to take the emergency contraception pill. In the package insert your contraceptive pill, Read the step by step plan that you can follow. It matters what kind of contraceptive pill you swallow: mini pill, for example, it is very important that you no pill is missing. It is clear from the leaflet that safety is no longer guaranteed, make sure for additional birth control. When you forgot the pill and don’t use a condom you have unsafe sex, then it is wise to take the morning after pill to swallow, to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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