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How the Dokteronline process works

Get treated without the inconvenience of waiting rooms. How does Dokteronline work?

  1. Read all about your health

    Up-to-date information reviewed by health professionals.

  2. Determine your healthcare need

    How may we help you?

  3. Consult a doctor online

    A doctor reviews your medical questionnaire and treatment request.

  4. Get medical advice

    A doctor writes a prescription for your treatment.

  5. Collect at a pharmacy

    Your prescription is forwarded to a partner pharmacy.

  6. Check

    Hassle-free shipping

    Our affiliated EU pharmacies coordinate the shipment of your medication and only provide original and EU-registered medications.

Any further questions?

Feel free to contact our customer service via the after-care link in 'My environment' or via our chat function.
In the confirmation e-mail you can easily verify the name and official registration number of your prescribing doctor as well as the regulatory authority in the EU country where this doctor works

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