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    Discussing sexual problems with a doctor for both men and women can be extremely uncomfortable for some people. Sensitive conditions such as hairloss, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, for example can often be awkward. Dokteronline offers you the possibility to get help with difficult situations through an online doctor's consultation. Consulting with a doctor online allows you to order your medications discreetly with delivery to your door within 2 days.

    An erectile dysfunction
    Talking about erection problems is a subject most men want to avoid. On the other hand, ignoring the problem can affect your relationship and well-being. Occasionally, health problems and psychological factors impact how your body is responding, causing the erectile dysfunction to worsen. With help from medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Sildenafil (generic Viagra), Caverject or Muse you can treat erectile dysfunction and enjoy a normal sex life again.

    Premature ejaculation
    Between 25% - 60% of men regularly suffer from premature ejaculation. There are men who cannot endure any sort of contact to the penis. A healthy sex life is fortunately still possible with medications that help with premature ejaculation. Examples are drugs like Emla cream or Priligy. With these medications ejaculation is delayed so you can enjoy longer romantic encounters.

    Hair loss
    Daily hair loss is normal and affects just about everyone at some point in time. Sometimes we lose more hair we grow. About 25% of men under the age of thirty deal with hair loss. Fortunately, there are medications that work against hair loss and reduce hair loss immediately, like Propecia.

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