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Alternative ways to deal with your hay fever?

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Isopods with a glass of rainwater

Do you also suffer from the pollen in the air? Allergic rhinitis is commonly known as hay fever.The hay fever season is in full swing with this beautiful weather. For many people, this means endless sniffling and sneezing. Fortunately, there are a lot of home-garden-and-kitchen remedies that can relieve your itchy eyes and runny nose. How about a diet of isopods and rainwater. A woman suffering from hay fever allergy tested it and swallowed an isopod. She captured this on video and this can be seen in this article. Bon appetit!

Peculiar hay fever tips

Every year new peculiar anti-hay fever tips appear in the news. Locally grown honey was a trend for a while, just like drinking goat milk and cilantro juice. But what about isopods? Does it sound appealing? Ingest a small, grey, ribbed creature at breakfast every day and you will have no more problems. Combine this delicious snack with a glass of fresh rainwater and you are completely hay fever free. Or not?


Eating isopods and drinking rain water is actually based on immunotherapy. That is, as a layman would think how immunotherapy works. Isopods are high in protein from organic material, thanks to their diet. These same proteins play a major role in hay fever. By eating such a creature whole, you might become less allergic to the proteins. The rainwater therapy is based on the same reasoning. Raindrops contain pollen from the air. By drinking these, your body can get used to the dust and this may reduce hay fever.

Gastrointestinal tract

According to ENT doctor Weissenbruch, it is not that simple. Immunotherapy is not transmitted through food. The allergens are immediately broken down in the gastrointestinal tract, so they do nothing for your allergy symptoms. Real immunotherapy operates through an injection into the skin or through a pill under the tongue, so that the allergens are directly released into the blood, or are absorbed by the oral mucosa. Furthermore, immunotherapy is a treatment that takes years. So just sell your water tank and stop collecting isopods. Unless you would enjoy putting one of those creatures in your mouth every day for the next decades.

Real hay fever tips

What does work against hay fever? Pills, nasal sprays and eye drops with antihistamines are so far the only remedies against sneezing, itchy eyes and other miseries. Read more about hay fever treatments here. If you still want to try something different, a kissing party is a close second. Kissing appears to work well against hay fever symptoms. Japanese Research has shown that kissing decreases the production of histamine (the substance which gives hay fever symptoms). Do not think a modest kiss will help cure your symptoms: the technique only works with a kiss off at least half an hour. Can your libido take that? There are also home-garden-and-kitchen remedies for. We have heard that eating live worms seems to help.

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