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How safe is the drug Proxofim?

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The media is buzzing with stories about Proxofim, an anti-ageing medicine which was discovered a few months ago. It’s understandable, because, of course, we all want to live longer without the problems of old age. What the Rotterdam researchers didn’t count on, however, was that this wonder drug would be used so soon. Impatient companies could not wait to offer the golden egg on the internet for sale, and it’s known that one person has already used the drug, which is highly dangerous, according to the discoverers, because it is still not certain whether Proxofim is safe.

What is Proxofim?

Proxofim was discovered by Peter de Keizer, a scientist who works for Erasmus MC. The substance kills damaged cells that cause a variety of age-related disorders. This means, therefore, that it could reverse some of the problems of old age. Elderly mice treated with Proxofim suddenly became fit again, with a glossier coat and improved renal function. And because humans share 80 percent of our DNA with mice, there is a good chance that Proxofim could help turn back the hands of time for elderly people.

However, Peter de Keizer emphasises that it is an opportunity; nothing is sure. The antiviral medication still needs to be extensively tested on larger animals and then on humans. The drug kills some cells. But what if it also affects healthy cells? It could potentially cause major problems. “Of course, the side effects of ageing are very bad. But who knows, the side effects of this drug could be even worse, ” agrees de Keizer’s colleague Marjolein Baar in the Volkskrant.

You’ll need to wait a bit longer

According to Darren Moore, a 50-year-old American who has used Proxofim for months, the antiviral drug works amazingly. He feels fitter and has a full head of hair again. The researchers do not attach value to these statements and have emphasised to the media that Proxofim is not safe. In a couple of years time, Proxofim will be tested on severely ill people. If it is indeed a success, it may take a while before the rejuvenation medication comes on the market.

The eternal quest for rejuvenation

Humans harbour a deep-seated desire to search for a rejuvenation pill that reverses the effects of old age; especially the physical consequences. Recently, the medicine Rapamycin was hailed as a new wonder drug but has since vanished from the public’s consciousness. Metformin, a medicine for diabetes was similarly seen as a ticket to eternal youth, but again this has come to nothing. It, therefore, remains to be seen whether Proxofim can live up to the hype. Until then, it’s better to leave the drug in the laboratory.

Healthy ageing without side effects

So what should you do if you can’t wait for Proxofim to receive the green light? The best anti-aging medicine is still a healthy lifestyle.

Anti-ageing tips
Exercise regularly
Eat healthily. Nuts, whole grain products, lean protein, healthy fats and many fruits and vegetables; also known as the Mediterranean diet, bursting with anti-oxidants!
Limit factors such as stress, alcohol, smoking and unhealthy nutrition.
And the best part is these remedies are not expensive and provide no side effects, what more could you want!

Would you risk your life by using an untested rejuvenation pill?


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