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The 5 real libido killers

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Have you ever blamed your shrinking sex life on a bad day at work, wife looking less than lovely at the end of the day? “I’m not in the mood for sex” is not just something that happens to only women. Men can evenly suffer from a lack in sex drive. But we cant blame our partners, because there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to getting in the mood. Fortunately, low libido can in most cases be prevented or improved easily. listed the five major libido killers. Avoid these to help awaken your sex life.

1. Alcohol

It can taste so good: a beer, wine or other alcoholic beverage. It provides relaxation and makes you loosen up a bit, enhancing your sex appetite and even your performance in bed. Or does it? Um … nope. Alcohol does have a relaxing effect. If you stick to one or two glasses. If you drink more than that, alcohol will have just the opposite effect. Result: a plummeting sex drive. In addition, too much alcohol can favor erectile dysfunction. Maybe you just better stick to a soda then.

2. Fat, sugar and salt

Are you fond of eating fatty, salty snacks and candy? Then we have bad news for you: these cause weight gain. Considering only this factor might not be a problem, but a big belly also causes a lack of testosterone. And that is precisely the hormone that feeds your sex drive. Keep away from candy and cookies, avoid the snack bar and notice the difference. Losing a few ounces is already enough to improve your sex life.

3. Sleep deprivation

Exhaustion can be a real libido killer. Research shows that sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. A bad night sleep will not only leave you cranky, but will also decrease your sex drive. Especially young parents suffer from sleep deprivation because of the broken nights. Try to get as much rest as you can. Go to bed on time and sleep in the weekends. Here you can read some tips about still having a good sex life, even when you have small children.

4. Lack of exercise

Do you also spend the whole day at your desk, followed by an evening slouched on the couch? No wonder that you are not in the mood to play after that. Research shows that men who exercise have a higher libido. Moreover, these men also get harder erections. Exercise is good for your blood flow, allowing for your arteries (even those ‘down there’) to be in top condition. Movement also stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, substances which boost your sex drive. What are you waiting for, go work out!

5. The Libido Rut

You have been together for years and every time you engage in intimate actions, it always follows the same pattern. How can this still arouse you? Yawn! Rut is the main libido killer. It is the best reason for you to spice up your love life, get away from the usual. Give each other an erotic massage, surprise your partner with a sexy gift and try something else in bed. As long as it is enjoyable to both of you, it will help you. Go ahead and pop in an adult video when the kids are in bed or when the both of you are alone. Women respond to visual stimulation as well as men do.

There are treatments that increase libido so that you can boost your sex life. Talk about it with your doctor. He can identify the causes of your symptoms and maybe refer you to a therapist.

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