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Combination pill

The combination pill is the most frequently used contraceptive pill. It contains two hormones:

  • oestrogen (usually a synthetic oestrogen called ethinyl estradiol)
  • progestin

Combination birth control pills are categorised as:

  • Monophasic birth control pills
  • Biphasic birth control pills
  • Triphasic and four-phasic birth control


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Monophasic birth control pills

As the name suggests, monophasic pills are oral contraceptives that have the same amount of oestrogen and progestin in each pill in a pack. There are low dose and high dose monophasic birth control pills. Low dose pills have the least amount of oestrogen. They are therefore less likely to cause side effects.

  • The ultra light sub-30 pill contains 20 mcg of oestrogen.
  • The light sub-50 pill contains 30 to 37.5 mcg of oestrogen.

Biphasic birth control pills

(no longer available via due to limited demand)

Biphasic birth control pill strips contain two sections of contraceptive pills, each with a different dose of hormones. Because each section, or phase, contains different coloured pills, it is easy to tell them apart. The two different doses of hormones mimic the body’s natural menstrual cycle.

Triphasic and four-phasic birth control pills

Triphasic birth control pill strips contain three different coloured pills, each with three different doses of hormones, instead of two like with biphasic pills. Here too, the different doses of hormones match the body’s natural menstrual cycle. The dose of progestin is gradually increased per phase. In some three-section pills, the dose of oestrogen is also increased in the second phase while in others the oestrogen dose remains constant.

Four-phasic birth control pills have also recently become available. These new contraceptive pills are made up of estradiol and dienogest.

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