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Facial Hair

What causes facial hair in women is a higher level of male hormones called androgens and also testosterone. All females produce androgens but the levels are usually low. When the levels are slightly higher, facial hair in women can be visible. All women have facial hair but in some women the hair is just slightly darker. Facial hair in women can also have different causes, for example: the menopause, hirsutism (excessive hair growth), puberty, polycystic ovarian syndrome and genetics.

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Hair removal methods

There are different methods for removing facial hair such as: laser hair removal, electrolysis, bleaching, depilating, shaving and waxing. Electrolysis and laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal solution against hair growth. When you depilate or wax you get rid of unwanted hair for a while, but in order to repeat this method the hair needs to grow out before you remove it again. Sometimes this method can also be painful or leave you with red patchy skin.

Vaniqa for hirsutism

Vaniqa is a drug prescribed for excessive facial hair. Because the active substance eflornithine slows down the growth in the hair follicle, the hair growth decreases. Vaniqa is only suitable for the treatment of excessive hair on the face. Vaniqa can be applied to the face, neck and chin

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