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Parasites are organisms that feed off a host. Some examples of parasites that live on humans include head lice, ticks and malaria mosquitoes. There are even different kinds of parasitic worms can also enter the human body. They can live throughout the body, but most prefer to suck up blood from the intestinal wall. This can result in sever damage to infected body parts if gone unchecked for to long.


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What are the symptoms?

Parasitic infections can cause a myriad of symptoms. The types of symptoms and signs can be different depending on the parasite. Parasites that live on the skin such as head lice, fleas and mites cause skin problems such as itching and rash. Endoparasites, parasites that live inside the body such as tapeworms and roundworms, can cause diarrhoea, stomach pain, weight loss and nausea. Sometimes bits of these parasites can be seen in the stool.

How to prevent and treat parasitic infection?

There are things you can do to prevent parasitic infection. For example, you can avoid raw meat and wash vegetables before eating them. It is also important to wash your hands regularly, especially if you work outside or get soil under your nails. This is to remove parasite eggs under fingernails and to avoid that they are ingested. A parasitic infection can also be treated with appropriate medication. There are several medications available for seatworms, tapeworms and other types of worm parasites that can get rid of parasitic infections.

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