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About the affiliate programme

Launched in 2004, has grown into the most reliable online platform for health-related services. Our vision is ‘Power to the Patient’: we believe that each individual should have the freedom and the resources they need to make considered choices about their own body and the treatment it receives.

Establishing contact between Customers, Doctors and Pharmacies is an important part of our online platform. Click for more information on how this works.

How can I make money as an affiliate?

Our affiliate programme offers website owners like you, our affiliates, the chance to work with our online platform with many options. Affiliates who associate themselves with are offered a huge selection of tools and rich content to add to their website. You will, for example, have access to a wide range of banner ads, extensive XML feeds with a comprehensive range of products, a library of text links that you can easily create with a personal ID, and a coupon function.

Make money?

Earn as much as you like! (Unlimited earning potential) Make €7,00 (GBP 5,00) plus 10% of the prescription price for each sale.

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Why promote the platform?

  • Receive a 10% commission on the order value for all products in our range.
  • Get an additional fixed commission of € 7,00 (GBP 5,00) on orders than include an online doctor’s consultation.
  • The earned commission will be deposited directly to your bank account (applicable for amounts from € 100).
  • You can earn as much as you want. There’s no limitation on earnings. Plus it’s free to join!
  • Huge selection of promotion materials.
  • Profit from the continued path of growth of our eHealth platform.
  • Excellent affiliate support. has more than 5,000 satisfied affiliates under its wings. We welcome you to be part of the legacy too! All you need to do is complete the registration form. After you have been accepted into the programme, you will receive a welcome e-mail and you can get straight to work!

When can I sign up for the affiliate programme?

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must agree with all Conditions of Participation.
  • You may not use SPAM to promote our platform.
  • You should not make false promises.
  • Affiliate links or banners may not be used on websites involved in illegal activities.
  • must be promoted in a correct manner. Affiliates with fraudulent intentions will be terminated from our programme immediately. This means your account will be closed and you won’t be entitled to any earned commission.

Note: Affiliates in our programme are responsible for observing the applicable legislation of the country in question.

Questions about our affiliate programme?

If you have any questions, please use our []contact page.[/url].