The specialists

The specialists

Doctors and pharmacists informs about health, complaints, treatments and related products. can bring you in online contact with medical specialists and/or pharmacies. is not an online doctor and not an online pharmacy or internet pharmacy. At our website you find information about your health and we will facilitate online contact with physicians if necessary and desired.

As soon as you submit a medical consultation request to us, an expert doctor looks at your symptoms and medical history. He or she then issues a recommendation for the medications that you have requested. All doctors are real medical certified doctors and when your request is approved, this means that a prescription will be issued for you. There is nothing else you need to do. Your medicines are delivered direct to your home within a few days.

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Qualified doctors has agreements with 11 qualified doctors, whose backgrounds we have checked exhaustively. We also constantly monitor their prescribing behaviour and have agreements with them to refine the range of products, the medical questionnaires and medical guidelines.

You will always find the name of your personal doctor and their official registration number in the confirmation e-mail you receive once your request for treatment has been assessed. The e-mail also contains a link to the relevant regulatory body in the EU country in which the doctor registered. With this information, it is easy to verify its registration online.

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Pharmacies we have access to

The pharmacies we have access to are all located in EU countries and comply fully with all relevant regulations within the EU. They have also been checked by us for quality and professionalism, as well as their licences and qualifications. We also have agreements with these pharmacies regarding the product range and medical guidelines. All pharmacies are under supervison by the relevant regulatory body in the country in which they are located.

EU quality mark for internet pharmacies

Since July 2015 there is an official EU approved label for Internet pharmacies. is not an internet pharmacy, but the pharmacies we have access to all have this label.

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