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Head lice

Head lice love warm and sheltered spots where they can live, crawl and suck up blood. The scalp is therefore the preferred habitat of these tiny insects. Head lice multiply rapidly, laying four to eight eggs a day which they glue to the base of the hair. These eggs, known as nits, take seven days to hatch.

Treatments for head lice

Treatments for head lice

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What are the symptoms?
An itchy scalp is the most common symptom of head lice. If you see your child scratching their head, check for head lice with a lice comb as soon as possible. Comb the hair over a white bed sheet, a piece of paper or over the sink. This makes it easier to spot them as they fall out.

How to prevent and treat head lice
Head lice travel easily from one head to another. This makes it difficult to prevent infestation, but it can be nipped in the bud by combing regularly with a lice comb. If infestation has already occurred, it is very important to treat head lice immediately so that infestation does not spread any further, for example by using an electric lice comb or a lice killing product such as a shampoo, spray or lotion. These products are definitely recommended to have in your home, so that you can act on the first signs of head lice.

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