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Light therapy

Therapy with the aid of light bulbs can be used as a treatment against many symptoms. For example, infrared lights are used as a heat source for the treatment of (muscle)pain and skin complaints. Daylight Lamps help against sleep problems, burnout, (winter) depression and jet lag.

Infrared Lamps
Infrared rays penetrate deep into the body which heats it up deep inside. By heating the skin tissue, blood vessels dilate thus activating the blood circulation and the metabolism. The discharge of waste in the body is accelerated.

Daylight Lamps
Light therapy has a direct impact on the production of melatonin. This improves the sleep-wake rhythm and makes you feel more energetic. This way it is possible to recover your energy naturally.

Hay fever and allergies
Thanks to the creation of light therapy, we now have anti-hay fever devices based on light therapy. Due to the influence of the special red light, the cells of the nasal mucosa become less susceptible to allergens.

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