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Throat problems

Throat pain can be caused by many things such as viral or bacterial infection (e.g. laryngitis or tonsillitis). Sometimes we take on this problem ourselves occasionally by yelling or singing a little to much. When this happens, many throat problems can be treated with over the counter medications. For sever prolonged pain, swelling or fever see a doctor immediately.


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What are the symptoms?
Throat problems can be caused by many different factors, including:
- Laryngitis: a sore and red throat, often with white spots, swollen glands in the neck and fever.
- (Chronic) tonsillitis: causes pain on swallowing, snoring and bad breath.
- Strained vocal chords: causes hoarseness and rawness due to overuse, misuse, smoking or cold.

Treatments for throat problems
Throat problems caused by the flu or cold symptoms can be treated with painkillers, possibly in combination with a vitamin supplement to boost your resistance. We carry throat lozenges and sprays to help relieve the pain. If your throat problems are caused by a bacterial infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

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