Dokteronline.com provides platforms with the opportunity to build a commercial relationship with us. Dokteronline.com partners place and monitor interesting content on their own platforms which links to Dokteronline.com. Every time the traffic generated leads to conversion on Dokteronline.com, you earn an interesting commission.

About Dokteronline.com

We believe in ‘power to the patient’: the patient’s freedom to make considered choices, in consultation with EU doctors, about their own body and the treatment it receives. To make this happen, the Dokteronline.com platform connects doctors, patients and pharmacies through online doctor’s consultations. An EU-registered doctor assesses the patient’s health questionnaire and, if necessary, issues a prescription. The prescription is then sent to one of our affiliated pharmacies in Europe for dispense and dispatch. From there, the requested treatment is delivered to the patient’s doorstep.

The benefits of the Dokteronline.com partner programme

A 5% - 20% commission on the order value per order.

An extensive range of promotional materials.

A unique service that is high in demand.

Real-time insight into your performance and campaigns.

Monthly commission payment.

Professional and direct support by our affiliate specialists.

Conditions for entering the partner programme

You have a website, app or blog.

Your audience has an interest in or affinity with our content.

You are 18 years or older.

You agree to all Partner Programme conditions as stated in our General Terms and Conditions.

Your website does not engage in illegal activities and is not used in a manner or for a purpose contrary to our Terms and Conditions.

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